Solution showcase

18 Dec 2020 - 8 Jan 2021


“Hong Kong has always been pioneering innovation, reinventing ourselves, and setting the bar for others to follow. As the city’s flagship R&D and entrepreneurial centre, HKSTP is at the forefront of driving I&T advancement with our 1,000+ technology companies and 13,000+ R&D entrepreneurs. We’re seeing double digits growth in the past few years, signaling that Hong Kong’s I&T ecosystem is gaining tremendous and unstoppable momentum. At the heart of HKSTP, we strongly believe commercial adoption is the ultimate validation of an entrepreneur’s vision. Our SPRINTER 2 program with HSBC is precisely for translating leading-edge technologies into corporate innovations with tangible commercial benefits. Each of the showcased solutions is a turnkey, market-proven offering for participating manufacturers to quickly and easily deploy. I look forward to seeing more waves of new technologies taking form in this incredible Hong Kong ecosystem.”

Mr. Eugene Hsia - Chief Corporate Development Officer, HKSTP

“To thrive in the new normal, it is increasingly important for businesses to collaborate with each other and make the most of the opportunities offered by technologies. We are pleased to deepen our partnership with HKSTP, connecting start-ups, small businesses, mid-cap corporates and global tech ventures to revitalise Hong Kong’s key industries. The business community is actively adapting to the new operating environment and planning for gradual recovery ahead. Through SPRINTER 2, manufacturers are given timely insights on tech trends, as well as opportunities to co-create innovative solutions with start-ups to address various pain points. As a connector in the business community, HSBC is committed to bringing companies of different sizes and sectors together to help them find synergy for growth.”

Mr. Daniel Chan - Head of Business Banking, Commercial Banking, Hong Kong, HSBC

Our Findings

SPRINTER 2 is set to see 50 manufacturers bring to life the full potential of bringing innovation to 110,000+ workers in 4 continents, and across a diverse range of sectors, including consumer electronics, garment and textiles, medical and healthcare products, food and beverage, and more.

In today’s fast-paced economy and ever-changing consumer demand, it is fundamental that manufacturers are able to respond and transform their operations quickly. The first step to making this possible is to begin identifying problems and be open-minded about embracing new solutions.

SPRINTER 2 members summarized the operational challenges of manufacturing industry, and in need of innovations to overcome these challenges. Innovations include harnessing AI technology in QA / QC, real-time manufacturing process monitoring over the cloud, data and workflow digitalisation, flexible systems for small batch production, and more.

As part of this, over 20 tech ventures have been selected to tackle these challenges through their market-proven solutions.

All manufacturers are invited to explore different innovation opportunities, as well as meet with tech ventures during this Solution Showcase. Together, this collaboration will help bring us one step closer to reinventing the manufacturing industry – a key pillar in Hong Kong’s economy.

Solution List

More details about the tech ventures can be found in SPRINTER 2 booklet. Download here


“SPRINTER 2 is a timely programme to support the innovation matching and co-creation for the transformation of Hong Kong’ key industries. The programme is unique in connecting tech ventures and industrialists in solving their pain points today.  This year marks FHKI’s 60th anniversary, we pledge to continue our work and extend the network of collaboration to empower Hong Kong industries to reach new heights of success.”

Dr. Daniel Yip - Chairman, FHKI

“CMA is pleased to support SPRINTER 2 in promoting innovation and technology adoption in manufacturing industry. During this turbulent time, the industry is required to accelerate their business transformation than ever before. Together with the re-industrialisation initiative, we will continue to steer the industry towards sustainable development and continue success of Hong Kong.”

Dr. Allen Shi - BBS MH JP, President, CMA