15 MAR 2022 - 5 APR 2022


It is our honour to work with HSBC again on SPRINTER 2 to connect high-potential tech ventures with SMEs and corporates from traditional industries. The innovation co-creation journey for manufacturing industry in the last cohort has proven a great success.

To carry forward the achievement, SPRINTER 2 this time serves as a platform for logistics, buildings, and related services to connect to 30+ participating tech ventures and create great opportunities for the industries to source and deploy innovations and technologies for digital transformation and business growth. This is a perfect manifestation of our new roadmap: re-industrialisation, next-gen talent development and seizing opportunities in the Greater Bay Area.

Celebrating our 20th anniversary this year, we are as committed as ever to establishing world-class I&T as a pillar of Hong Kong’s next era of economic success. Best wishes to the SPRINTER 2 programme!

Aldous Mak - Chief Financial Officer, HKSTP

Digital transformation is imperative for companies to build a resilient, sustainable business in the changing world. The convergence of new technologies and the COVID-19 pandemic have rapidly reshaped the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of businesses’ innovation agendas.

HSBC is dedicated to play a pivotal role in fostering a deeper and wider innovation ecosystem in Hong Kong. Through SPRINTER 2, we are delighted to make innovative concepts come to life with HKSTP, bringing new ways of working between companies and tech ventures, as well as newfound solutions to help businesses embark on their digitalisation journey and realise further ambitions.

Our journey will not stop here. As a key connector within the business community, HSBC will continue to support our customers through thick and thin, and open up a world of opportunity for them.

Frank Fang - Head of Commercial Banking, Hong Kong, HSBC


More details about the tech ventures can be found in SPRINTER 2 booklet. Download here


Congratulations on this highly successful programme, SPRINTER 2, progressing into its second stage. It is our pleasure to support the “Logistics and Buildings” in promoting the innovation adoption for mid-cap corporates and SME. The programme aligns with our vision for a Construction Digitalisation Roadmap and the pathway to SMART Construction for enhancing the productivity of the industry. We pledge to continue our work and share the impactful stories of co-creation with construction industry stakeholders. The CIC wishes great success for the programme!

Ir Albert Cheng - Executive Director, CIC

Innovation in the freight and logistics industry is no longer a choice, but a necessity. More and more freight and logistics companies are embracing innovation to become leaner, more efficient, and stay competitive in the market. HAFFA supports the SPRINTER 2 programme, through which the participants can explore, connect, and co-create innovation with tech ventures for business transformation.

Mr Gary Lau - Chairman, HAFFA

Adopting innovation is crucial for businesses to navigate the challenges ahead, especially in these unprecedented times. HKGCC is delighted to support SPRINTER 2 in providing a one-stop solution for companies in the logistics and buildings sectors. As the voice of business in the city for 160 years, the Chamber is committed to supporting Hong Kong businesses to enhance their competitiveness.

Mr Peter Wong, GBS, JP - Chairman, HKGCC

Hong Kong Logistics Association is pleased to continue supporting SPRINTER 2 for enhancing business and operational efficiency of SMEs. The vision of our association is to become a professional value-added innovator in the sustainable logistics industry and supply chain business. Facing the changing world and developing logistics, our association is committed to leading the logistics industry to pursue Agility, Resilience & Transformation.

Ir Elsa Yuen - President, HKLA

As a global professional institute to promote excellence in logistics and transport, the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Hong Kong is pleased to support the SPRINTER 2 Cohort 2 which is a timely programme especially for the logistics industry in Hong Kong to enable the embracing of new technologies and solutions under the new normal of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the introduction of more applications on new technologies, the logistics and transport industry will achieve a new level of success under the new economy in Hong Kong.

Ir Dr Vincent Fong, FCILT - President, CILTHK