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In the new era of 5G & IoT, manufacturers can run highly precise, high-output, and largely automated operations; Blockchain is crucial in supply chain management to improve the security and traceability in simple & fast way.

Michael Au, Team Lead of Corporate Engagement, HKSTP, talked about connectivity and speed which are crucial to Industry 4.0, whereas, 5G, IoT and Blockchain technology are going to transform every aspect of businesses and operations.

Andy Yip, Senior Marketing Manager, Product Marketing, Commercial Group, HKT, talked about the deployment of 5G technology would be the most powerful enabler to fuel AI & Big Data, IoT and other smart factory solutions in the next decade.

Simon Lee, Assistant Vice President, Enterprise IoT Solutions, Commercial Group, CSL Mobile, shared the benefit of industrial IoT for manufacturing, as well as its benefits to optimise production rate and reduce defects by 50% in various cases.

Alan Cheung, Senior Director, Cybersecurity, Cryptography and Trusted Technologies, ASTRI, shared with the audience the value of Blockchain to manufacturing industry, and its application in privacy protection of supply chain and asset tracking.

(From Left to Right) Lawrence Pun, Senior Manager of Corporate Engagement, HKSTP; Joe Yu, Director, Kowloon West District, Business Banking, Commercial Banking, HSBC; Stanley Lee, President, E-Commerce Association of HK, shared experience about digitalisation, the future development of e-commerce, and support of digital transformation from the banking industry.

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