Apr - Jul 2021


Bonbon Robotics Limited

Bonbon Robotics focus on cross-industry robotics applications. They design robots for different user scenarios, provides customize robot chassis solution for secondary development to meet the needs of research and development, agriculture automation, security patrol and transportation in Hong Kong. The company has an manufacturing site in Zhuhai.  

Bright Apac Limited

Bright Apac Limited is a children’s uniform and shoes making company. They have a factory in Mainland China with around 100 staff, and 3 persons in Hong Kong.

Hayco Manufacturing Limited

Hayco is the partner of choice for leading FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) companies and retailers, recognized for delivering innovative products, manufacturing and technical solutions for leading consumer brands in the household cleaning, oral care, water filtration, hydration, baby care and medical plastic components industry. With the headquarter in Hong Kong, our business activities take place in 2 core places – Shenzhen in Mainland China and Dominican Republic. Our 3 sites in Southern China and new facility in the Dominican Republic ship over 180 million products to more than 60 countries worldwide every year, while our site in Dominican Republic is going through a 2nd phase of expansion.

Hung Hing Off-Set Printing Co., Limited

Hung Hing is one of the largest and most respected printing company in Asia, provide printing & packaging service for over 70 years. Their clients include the most recognized names in toys and consumer goods, as well as leading publishers around the world. Hung Hing headquarter is located in Hong Kong, and have printing plants in four locations across China, and one in Vietnam. 

Koln 3D Technology (Medical) Limited

As the first metal implant company in Hong Kong, Koln3D provides customized solutions to individualized medicine. Their main business includes various personalized medical devices, such as surgical jigs, bone implants, surgical models, protective face shields, orthotic devices, and drug-carrying bone plates.

Master Hero Holdings Limited

Master Hero Holding Limited, an OEM toy manufacturer, who has factories set up in China and Vietnam. Their production plants focus on manufacturing plastic, electronic, soft good, and premium toys.

Musical Industries Limited

Musical Electronics Ltd. is an OEM manufacturer for electronic medical devices, consumer electronic products and toys. Their head office is located in Hong Kong and the principal manufacturing activities are mainly carried out in Qing Yuan City, Guangdong Province, the PRC and in Tai Ping, Vietnam.

Pat Chun International Limited

Pat Chun is a family-run traditional food company that was founded in Hong Kong in 1932. They are well known in Hong Kong for their hand crafted vinegars, sauces and festive food.

Richmond Healthgear Company Limited

Richmond Healthgear Ltd., incorporated in Hong Kong since 2006, owns a manufacturing plant in Dongguan with a team of sophisticated design and engineering specialisits and aims at providing innovative products dedicated to improve the quality of life for the elderly. Major business spans the supply of healthcare products and hardware installations, including plastic, metal parts and components related to Metal Injection Molding (MIM). In addition to manufacturing, they are also engaged in trading and exporting business in China and North America.

Trigo Enterprises Limited

Trigo Enterprises Limited is a market leader in safety building hardware. With over 400 workers in China and Vietnam, they supply the world with hardware for making each and every home a safer, warmer place every day. 

Triumph Container Company Limited

Triumph Container Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, is recognized as a professional and quality packaging solution company. As one of the leading packaging companies in Hong Kong, they provide a One-Stop-Shop for branded label customers in the past 20 years. Recently, they decided to set up a plastic containers manufaturing plant, and will be located in Tsuen Wan. Their production line will be established approximately in June 2021 and expected to fulfill ISO9001/ GMP standard.